VDO France was created in 2006 and specialises in international road transport in Scandinavia and the whole of Europe.

A carrier with a European focus

Originally based in Dunkirk and the commune of Roncq (Lille), we have since opened two new agencies in Nîmes and Lyon to improve our national transport network.

The entire team offers you customised transport solutions in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland that meet your expectations and requirements. Numerous other destinations have also been launched throughout Europe.

VDO France handles both full and partial batches and groupings for export and import, and rounds off its overall service with a national distribution network in France from its logistics platforms in Roncq (Nord), Nîmes (Gard) and Genas (Rhône).

Our values

VDO France was born out of a meeting between several transport professionals passionate about their profession and keen to put customer relations at the centre of company life. With many years of experience in major international groups behind us, we want to defend the values of service that we hold dear.

Our guiding principles are hospitality, quality of service, responsiveness and customer satisfaction.


Respect for the environment is one of our daily concerns, optimising our routes thanks to high-performance GPS technology and using different modes of transport (ship/train/lorry) to reduce our CO2 emissions and preserve natural resources.

VDO France: a few dates

  • May 2006: creation and launch of VDO France in Dunkirk with the opening of the Denmark route.
  • January 2007: start of the Norway, Sweden and Finland routes.
  • March 2008: organisation of regular transport to Benelux, Germany and Poland.
  • June 2010: opening of a cross-trade route between the UK and other European countries.
  • October 2011: creation of a VDO France agency in the Lille/Roncq warehouse (CIT; office and warehouse)
  • June 2017: AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certification granted
  • August 2017: opening of the Nîmes branch
  • August 2019: opening of the Lyon-Genas agency

The rest is in your hands...